2024 Elections

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For more information on important election dates, see the Pinal County Elections Department’s Election Calendar page 

2024 presidential PREFERENCE ELECTION

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2024 general election

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Voting is not something you start thinking about on election day. The process of determining how to vote starts early. Having a voting plan will ensure that there are no barriers to having your vote counted. Whether you’re voting by mail or voting in person, we put together some of the best ideas for how to prepare to vote. Once you have your plan, share it with your friends and family. 

pinal "vote in person" plan

Pinal "vote by mail" plan

DO NOT put your ballot in the mail after 9/29 for the special election, as it likely won’t be received before Election Day. POSTMARKS DO NOT COUNT. Drop off your ballot at any drop box or voting center by 7 PM on Election Day. Listed below are some nearby locations. For complete times and locations, go to the Elections Department HERE.

“Vote, Vote, Vote!” – Gabby Giffords

Use this page as your guide through the election process. We break down everything that will be on voters’ ballots for this General Election season. Be an informed voter and make your voice heard.