About this Committee

       The duties of the Executive Committee shall be to (1) act on behalf of the County Committee between County Committee meetings; (2) adopt and maintain a biennial strategic plan; (3) adopt and maintain additional policies and procedures for the PCDP; (4) approve the Annual Budget and any amendments to it; (5) approve specific contracts extending beyond the County Chair’s term; (6) act as the final board of arbitrators for Precinct Committeepersons presenting a grievance or seeking reinstatement after a deemed resignation or removal ;(7) advise and consent appointments to standing committees; and, (8) perform other such duties as may be assigned by the County Chair. 



Lisa Sanor


Jennifer Hilsbos
Roger Oleson
Paul Skalicky
Carolyn Gordon
Gayle Randolph
Roberto Reveles
Henry Wade
Debbie Broome
Theodora Schiro
Sharon Walker
Holly Lyons